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Win real cash, prizes and rewards every day by participating in the freeroll and cash online rummy tournaments at Rummy Passion. Our tournaments are easy to understand and register. Have fun while playing Indian Rummy and win lakhs every month!

Your entry to Freeroll Tournaments is always FREE. In addition to Freeroll Tournaments, you can participate in Cash Tournaments as well! Sign up for Cash 20, Cash 50, Cash 75, or Cash 100 Tournaments and compete to win big money.

Cash 100
  • Prize Pool - Rs 2,646
  • Number of Prizes - 5
  • Entry Fee - Rs 100
  • Game Format - Deal
  • Tournament Type - Turbo
  • No. of Players - 30
  • Estimated Duration - 24 Minutes
Cash 50
  • Prize Pool - Rs 494
  • Number of Prizes - 3
  • Entry Fee - Rs 50
  • Game Format - Deal
  • Tournament Type - Sit & Go Turbo
  • No. of Players - 12
  • Estimated Duration - 24 Minutes
Tournament Cash 25 Win Up to Rs 750
  • Prize Pool - Rs 741
  • Number of Prizes - 3
  • Entry Fee - Rs 75
  • Game Format - Deal
  • Tournament Type - Sit & Go Turbo Max
  • No. of Players - 12
  • Estimated Duration - 24 Minutes
Cash 10 Tournament
  • Prize Pool - Rs 198
  • Number of Prizes - 3
  • Entry Fee - Rs 20
  • Game Format - Deal
  • Tournament Type - Sit & Go Turbo Max
  • No. of Players - 12
  • Estimated Duration - 8 Minutes
Freeroll Jackpot Tournament Rs. 1000 GTD
  • Prize Pool - Rs 1,000
  • Entry Fee - Free
  • Tournament Start Time - Daily 10 AM
  • No. of Players - 500
  • Registration Start Time - 48 hours before the Tournament starts
Beginner's Tournament win Rs. 500 GTD
  • Prize Pool - Rs 500
  • Entry Fee - Free
  • Tournament Start Time - Daily 7 PM
  • No. of Players - 30
  • Registration Start Time - 48 hours before the Tournament starts

How to Join a Tournament at Rummy Passion

It’s easy to join and Play Rummy Tournaments at Rummy Passion. Just follow these simple steps and you will be on your way to having a great time.

  1. Go to Rummy Lobby and in the top navigation panel select "TOURNAMENTS" tab.
  2. Here you can view tournaments under the CASH and FREEROLL tabs.
  3. In the corresponding list of tournaments, simply click on the “Register” button for a tournament that you are interested in participating.
  4. When you successfully register for a cash tournament, the entry fee is deducted from your account.
  5. Once you have registered, the tournament will be listed under My Tournaments, where you can track its status.
  6. If the maximum number of players for a Sit and Go tournament have already registered, you can wait for a minute and a new tournament will be available for registration.

Understanding Rummy Tournaments

Players get seated across multiple tables in a random manner based on the number of players who join a tournament. There can be a maximum of 6 players at each table. The maximum and minimum number of participants required for every tournament vary. If the maximum number of participants has registered for a particular tournament, any subsequent players who wish to register will be waitlisted. If minimum players that are required have not registered, that particular tournament will be cancelled and entry fee will be reversed to your account if playing for cash tournament.

The tournaments are usually first-come-first-serve basis. If the registered player does not show up at the time of the tournament, the game will start with his/her seat reserved on autoplay mode. If this player misses 3 consecutive turns he/she will be considered dropped and the game will be over for him/her. If he comes before the drop, then he/she can continue his/her game from that point on. When a player registers (whether seats are available or waitlisted), the registration fees will be deducted from their account.

Any registered player may withdraw his registration till 5 minutes prior to the start time of the tournament. No cancellations will be entertained if less than 5 minutes are remaining before the start time of the tournament. If the tournament is canceled then full fees will be refunded. Tournament start and cancellation email will be sent to players who have registered at the email address they have registered themselves with.

If the registered player is online on our app and playing any other game, a popup window will be displayed to them indicating that the tournament is about to begin, provided that the player has allowed our popup.

How Free Roll and Cash Rummy Tournaments Work?

  • Each player is allocated a fixed number of tournament chips at the beginning of each round.
  • A fixed number of games will be played by players seated at tables, and the number of games played will be equal to the number of players seated at that table.
  • At the end of each deal, the winner will win tournament chips from all losing players depending on their score.
  • At the end of a fixed number of deals, players at each table are given ranks in the order of their chip count. The player with the highest chip count on a table will get the highest rank. In case of a tie, players with tied chip count will play a tiebreaker game.
  • Based on the number of players that qualify from each table, players with higher chip counts will succeed to play in the next round. For example:

Number of Tables = 36
Number of Players per Table = 6
Total Players = 216

Round One Winners = 36 (1 from each table)
Round Two Winners = 12 (2 from each table)
Round Three Winners = 4 (2 from each table)

These 4 players will play the final round of the tournament.

  1. Players who finish with the same table rank at all tables will be treated equally. So, if there is a prize to be given to players who finish 2nd rank on their table in a round, each player finishing at 2nd rank will get same prize and position in the tournament.
  2. Each player has 30 seconds during his/her turn to complete his/her move. If a player is unable to complete the move in the specified time, the turn will pass over to the next opponent and the game will continue. If a player misses three consecutive moves, the player will be dropped from the game and middle drop score will be given to such a player.
  3. When a player believes he/she has met the objective of the game i.e. made at least one pure sequence and minimum 2 sequences in total, he/she can finish the game. As soon as a card is discarded on to the finish slot, all players must declare their cards within the specified time of 30 seconds

Requirements to Participate in Rummy Passion Tournaments

  • Verify your email id and mobile number
  • Register for the tournament you wish to compete in
  • In order to participate in any freeroll Jackpot tournament, you must make at least one real-money deposit once and play a real cash game once
  • If you wish to participate in a Cash Tournament, you must pay the required entry amount