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Rummy Games

How do I start playing rummy?

How do I join a rummy table?

How do I know when the game starts?

How do I know when it is my turn?

What do i do if my cards are bad?

What is a pure sequence?

What is an impure sequence?

What is a set?

When can I use a Joker?

What happens if I discard a joker by mistake?

How can I see the discarded cards?

What if I require extra time to make my move?

How do I make a "SHOW"?

What happens if I make a wrong show?

Can I continue to play free games?

Is it legal to play rummy for cash?

How are win amounts awarded in rummy game?

What is Points Rummy?

What are the rules for Points Rummy?

What are the basic rules of 13 Cards Indian Rummy?

What does a green colored "D" around one of the players indicate?

Banking Transactions

What is the maximum and minimum amounts required to start playing?

What are the various depositing options?

I made a purchase but I don't see the credit in my Rummy Passion account. What should I do?

How long will it take to receive my winnings after I request a withdrawal?

Can I cancel or reverse my withdrawal request?

I have doubts about my withdrawals. What should I do?

Is it safe to carry out banking transactions at Rummy Passion?

What are the different ways I can withdraw cash from Rummy Passion?

What mandatory documents do I need to submit while initiating a withdrawal?

What is the Percentage of TDS Deducted?

Bonus Promotions

What do you mean by bonus?

What are the different type of bonuses available at Rummy Passion?

What is the benefit of using Bonus Code or Coupon Code while depositing?

What should I do to take part in a promotional offer?

What is Cash Bonus and how do I get it?

What is the RAF (Refer a Friend) bonus?

How do I get RAF referral bonus?

Is there a limit on the number of friends that I can refer?

How can I convert my Active bonus into Cash Bonus?

I have used the bonus code but I cannot see the bonus money in my account. Why?

When will my active bonus be converted to cash bonus?


How do I join a Tournament?

What is the difference between Cash and Free Roll Tournaments?

How can I cancel my Tournament Registration?

Can I use my Cash bonus to join cash tournaments?

Why did the tournament get cancelled?

What does a green colored "D" around one of the players indicate?

How do I know I’m a Tournament winner?

Passion Rewards Club

What are Reward Points?

How are Loyalty Points calculated?

What are Loyalty Tiers?

How do I join the Loyalty Club?

What is my Current Loyalty Tier?

What can I do with my Rummy Passion Rewards Points?

Are you coming up with “Reward Points Redemption Store”?

My Account

How do I update my account (Profile) detail?

Amount added but not reflecting in my Rummy Passion account?

How do i change my Bank Account details?

How can I change my preferences?

How do I add bank account details on RummyPassion?

Are my personal and Bank details secure at RummyPassion?

How can I add practice chips to my account?

Can I play at many tables simultaneously?

I am unable to reset my password?

I am unable to make a withdrawal Request. What do I do?

How do I upload an ID proof/address proof?

How can I change My Profile Avatar?

What should I do if I don't have a PAN Card?

I want to Change Player Name/Username?

How do I change my registered mobile number?

How do I change my registered E-mail ID?

I did not receive any Email Confirmation/verification link. What do I do?

Why has my ID proof not been updated on my account?

Why can’t I play at Rummy Passion even though I’m registered?

Refer A Friend

What is meant by the Refer a Friend bonus?

Is there a limit on the number of friends that I can refer?

How do I refer my friends?

How do I track how many people have joined through my Rummy profile?

How do I get this referral bonus?

How can I receive the referral bonus under your referral scheme?

How many friends can I refer?

Where can I get more details about the Refer a Friend bonus?